For most men, T-shirts are a wardrobe staple. These men are positively sure that T-shirts can be worn anytime, anywhere and are the most versatile piece of clothing own could ever own. Then there are other men who feel that t-shirts are meant only for the confined walls of a home or for the workout session. For these men, T-shirts are a big no for a movie night or for the vet’s appointment!

Speaking more on men’s mentality, men often complain that they do not have as many options to design or style an outfit from as compared to women. I beg to differ – men have as many options as women do (if not more). The difference is just that styling a look for men comes in more subtle ways as compared to creating a look for women. Women can go extravagant, dramatic or even larger than life with their looks, as for men, they need to stick to a grid – a mental grid they have in their mind of the most appropriate clothing a man should wear for a certain occasion.

Oh, and yes, did you know that there are about 10 kinds of T-shirts available for each man to choose from? First and foremost, lets run through the different kinds of T-shirts available in the men’s’ fashion industry at this point.

Polo T-Shirt.Henley T-Shirt.V-neck T-Shirt.Striped T-Shirt.Graphic T-Shirt.Pocket T-Shirt.Solid/Plain T-Shirt.Hooded T-Shirt.

In today’s world of desk to dinner, we all look out for clothing options that are affordable, easy on the pockets, durable, quality wise great and can be paired with several styling options. When we speak of styling options, we want our readers to imagine one T-shirt, that has been worn in 10 ways, with several other pairings to give a new look each time we wear it. Whether its a doctor, who wants to wear vibrant colors under the doctors’ coat, or a businessman who wants to start their Wednesday on a positive note,T-shirts are your go-to section at a mall.

When choosing the right fit of a T-shirt, its absolutely vital to understand what neck type suits you.

If you are chubby with a broad neck, collared t-shirts should be your staple. They will hide the chubby neck and give a lean look.

If you are lean and thin, you may want to go in for full sleeve T-shirts. This choice of full sleeves will add more material on top of your extremely thin and lanky body, thus making you look fuller, bulkier and more proportion to your stats.

If you are very thin, you may want to layer your T-shirt with a full sleeve open shirt, to add the extra volume to your structure. As for the colors you may want to chose light colors instead of dark colors. Dark colors given a shrunk appearance making one look slimmer – definitely not a good idea with your extra thin frame!

If you are short and stout, never wear T-shirts with carrot pants or shorts, it will make you look shorter. Instead wear solid one-colour denims in dark colors to elongate your lower body. Slim fit T-shirts should be your best buying option.

Lastly, if you are broad shouldered and lean, you should go in for crew neck full sleeve shirts, V-neck T-shirts and if you don’t mind the chest to be accentuated, then you could go in for round neck t-shirts too.

Ultimately, style is all about “how” you wear a garment, as compared to “what” you wear. So, make sure you pair up vibrant colored t-shirts with nude/earthy/neutral/monochromatic lowers. Don’t make a circus out of an outfit!

Lastly, remember, in styling, less is more. Carefully style your t-shirt look, but do not go overboard with layering/accessories or colour combinations.

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