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About Our Company

A name signifies a brand’s values and pedigree, and for us, INFISTYLE symbolizes infinite style.

Founded in the year of 2019, we are a nascent brand that reads the minds of the trendy youth of India (and beyond) for stylish men & women wardrobe collection.

We believe that style is eternal and fashion is ever changing. At infistyle, we take pride in our connect with the online consumers of India who have a distinctive taste in contemporary fashion.

We have a strong assembly line operational process, that brings the merchandise directly to the customers through the fun experience of online shopping. Let’s accept it – who doesn’t like online shopping in the hectic era of today?! Statistics show that most individuals shop online while they are travelling, getting bored at work or right before bedtime.

Who We Are

For us, fashion is about what you are comfortable in, what makes you confident and what brings out the best in your personality. As a brand we aim at filling a creek in the e-commerce strata of Indian fashion that demands affordable, high in quality merchandise that is easy on the packets while being skin friendly.

We believe in “feel good” fabrics that gives the wearer a sense of homegrown fabrics and exclusivity. From sourcing the right fabric – apt for all weather conditions, to incorporating innovative techniques of digital printing, to finding the right colour combinations, accessories and trims, our design and merchandise team puts in great efforts to manufacture products that are durable. Our conceptualizing teams puts in great efforts to bring you basic yet evergreen styles, in different ranges that every customer can relate to or in simpler words – “imagine themselves wearing”.

In the new age of fashion, no trend is age-specific, so our merchandise can be carried off with great panache by anyone, whether it is a teenager or a fully grown office going individual. The printed themes on a garment are no longer restricted to the kid’s fashion segment, instead they have made their way to the wardrobes of even the oldies. Whether it is your favorite movie character, a witty one-liner or your favorite cartoon character, we focus on reminding grown-ups of their childhood and strike an emotional chord. Thus, we take pride in the fact that we create designs to appeal to a larger section of the society.

Our product range spans across T-shirts of all kinds, hoodies, sweatshirts and accessories and a lot more for stylish men & women clothings.

Our objective is to create garments that are fashion forward, off the rack and in vogue. Don’t we see celebrities turning up at award functions wearing cool casuals, styling them in a manner to set them apart in the fashion game?

That is exactly what we aim at giving the world an access to, with our brand – i.e. – infinite style produced, created and brought to you by our brand – INFISTYLE.

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