In the era of “good looks” and “six pack abs”, isn’t it everyone’s dream to maintain their fitness levels?

It would be a lie if anyone said that they don’t want to workout or follow a healthy lifestyle. So, the next obvious question that comes to mind is: what is stopping them from following their fitness dreams?

Most common barriers preventing people from exercising and getting in shape are a lack of time and money needed for fitness.

Now, who has the time to go to the gym? Or to search for a parking outside gym? Or to buy expensive equipment to be able to workout at home? So, if these are the barriers that are stopping you, then you guys are in luck!

In this post we share some basic healthy lifestyle routine hacks, tips and suggestions which will make it easier to stay lean, fit and active in spite of the long work hours and money crunch.

First and foremost, drill a fact into your mind – that one needs no special equipment whatsoever in order to get into shape. All you need is a balanced diet, good sleep and an active lifestyle! Let’s face it, how much does it cost to go for a walk? How much does it cost to sleep for a minimum of 8b hours daily? Or to have an early dinner? These minor alterations in your lifestyle are the key to a sustainable fitness.

The one fact that most of us forget before going to a gym for a workout is that, our own bodyweight can be the best equipment one can find to work-out with. The extra pounds/kilos you shed by doing exercises your own mighty-bodyweight, is the kind of fat that won’t bounce back easily – simply because you used no external equipment in order to work on that.

So here, we share a basic home workout schedule for you all to stay fit in confines of your house.

First let’s start with a warm up guide:

  • Jump rope: 60 seconds
  • Jumping Jacks: 25 repetitions
  • Squats: 20 repetitions
  • Lunges: 5 repetitions each leg.
  • Hip extensions: 10 repetitions each side
  • Hip rotations: 5 each leg
  • Forward leg swings: 10 each leg
  • Side leg swings: 10 each leg
  • Push-ups: 10-20 reps

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